About Us





The passion and pure class of this most powerful woman are captured by Evita’s Collections. Beautiful hand-made jewelry, Alpaca sweaters, coats, jackets and shawls, purses, hats and a selection of intimate home décor, are yours through this distinct luxury line of products.


Each of our Alpaca products is unique in its design, and lovingly crafted with the highest quality Alpaca fibers. Alpaca fibers are durable, soft, and for thousands of years have provided warmth to the body and soul.


Evita’s Collections product artisans have created a world of class and sophistication in every product we offer. Our special relationship with these artisans allows us to provide these unique products at an affordable price. Our business model provides our customers optimum buying power on products that are genuinely unique to our line.


We help keep the art and tradition of artisans alive. Our customers support this passionate dream and thoroughly enjoy each and every product we offer.


Thank you for your business. We look forward to meeting you soon, and sharing our product line.